This issue of The Mark explores how recent policies have encouraged awareness among students. Following the contentious 2016 election, students have become more engaged in politics at M-A, starting with the walkout in the Fall of 2016 and most recently with the DACA demonstrations held on campus. THis upward trend is encouraging: it is important that students continue to stay informed and active within the community. The cover aptly conveys this pattern; students are ripping apart misconceptions to look beneath the surface, to be in the now. 

JUNE 2017

In this issue of The Mark, we explore the near futures of M-A students and faculty. As M-A students are headed in different directions, some for the summer and some forever, The Mark wants to acknowledge the importance of memories and experiences created at M-A that will forever bind us. The cover, designed by our layout editors, Sofia and Lara Karadogan, features the topics covered in this issue, representing the endless possi- bilities of the future. On the back cover, The Mark staff shares their favorite journalism memories from the past year. 


In this issue of The Mark we explore reactions and how people can react very differently to the same event. Chloë Benz, featured on the cover, reacts to the camera, representing this issue's theme. By keeping in mind that every person reacts differently, we can better understand both our peers and ourselves. The cover is designed by our layout editors, Sofia and Lara Karadogan. 

October 2016

April 2016

February 2016